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We welcome you to Wine Outlet, New Jersey’s Fine Wine and Spirit shop. Wine Outlet is proud to offer some of the world’s finest wines and spirits at competitive and affordable prices both in-store and online.

Enomatic systems dispense wine directly from the bottle using revolutionary inert gas preservation (nitrogen or argon). The flavours and characteristics of the wine remain intact for more than three weeks, as if the bottle had just been opened With portion control technology, Enomatic allows wine establishments to created extended wine by the glass or tasting menus which are enticing to customers and allow business to maximize servings while eliminating waste.

Here at Wine Outlet we believe that finding a great bottle of wine, discovering a unique craft beer, or experiencing a boutique spirit, has the ability to bring people together, enjoy the moment and create lasting memories. This is why at Wine Outlet we believe it is our duty to create an exceptional customer experience from the moment you enter through our door or navigate to our website. By interacting with each and every customer our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to provide advice or recommendations from pairing wines, finding a variety of craft beers, or mixing that perfect cocktail for any occasion.

We encourage every customer while in-store to register for our VIP club card membership program, to be included in exclusive club member benefits and discounts.


Wine Outlet